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Time "Public Distribution Tollfree Helpline No.1800-22-4950 and 1967 (for BSNL and MTNL customers only) and One Nation-One Ration Card Helpline No. 14445 ."

Implementation of Essential Commodities Act

     The Government is empowered to issue orders to control production, distribution trade and commerce of Essential Commodities under Essential Commodities Act, 1955. Now the Central Government has revised the list of essential commodities under this Act vide order dated 12 February, 2007, shown as below.
  1. Drugs
  2. Fertilizers, (organic, inorganic or mixed)
  3. Foodstuffs including edible oilseeds and oil
  4. Hank yarn made wholly from cotton
  5. Petroleum and Petroleum Products
  6. Raw jute and Jute Textiles
    1. Seeds of food crops and seeds of fruits and vegetables
    2. Seeds of Cattle Fodder
    3. Jute seeds
    4. Cotton seeds

      The Central Government imposed restriction on stock limits of Rice, Edible oil, Edible oil seeds & Paddy. The Central Government extended the restriction on stock limits of essential commodities in respect of Pulses, Rice, Edible oil, Edible oil seeds & Paddy upto following date.






Pulses,  Edible oil & Edible Oil Seeds




Rice & Paddy



     Hence, the commodities namely Pulses, Rice, Edible oil, Edible oil seeds & Paddy require licence for trade and imposed restrictions on stock of these commodities.
Stock Limit
Implimantation of Black Marketing Prevention Act for Essential Commodities.
The Government takes following action to maintain rates of Essential Commodities stable and prevent stocking and Black marketing:-
  • The Central Government has brought in-force Black Marketing Prevention Act, 1980 in all the states. The State Government, District Magistrate and Police Commissioner may detain, any person who is trying to obstruct the supply of Essential Commodities under this Act.
  • If any complaint is received either from public or from any organization, an action is taken by carrying an enquiry through competent officers.
  • Controller of Rationing, Mumbai/District Collector/District Supply Officers conduct raids and arrest the culprits with the help of State Police under Essential Commodities Act, 1955 and prosecute them in the Court of Law.

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